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The Whig

At the corner of Gervais and Main, The Whig is known to many as that unknown downstairs something. Only a few know what is really down there. Only a few have bravely walked down the stairs, through the mysterious brick corridor, and pushed open the heavy metal door into The Whig. Sunday night the curiosity [...]

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Initial impression of Za’s was pretty good. It has a solid street presence. But when we entered the restaurant, I was a little disappointed with where we were seated. I kept eyeing the cool back room area that features several large TVs,  a semi-circle bar, and the ambiance of a candle-lit italian dinner (you know what [...]

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The Publick House

The Publick House is that awesome pub down the street that everyone wished they had within stumbling distance of home. A great pub atmosphere is created by the dim rustic lighting and wooden tables around the perimeter. There are plenty of large TVs to keep customers happy during football season, and there is also a [...]

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Momo’s Bistro

Although there were a few discrepancies between the online menu and in-restaurant appetizer menu (a fact that I am particularly bitter about because of the absence of the crawfish boudin balls), the crab cakes were satisfying enough to tempt even the snobbiest Charlestonean palate. In short, these were quite good. Price range for appetizers was $7-12. Lucky [...]

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Hooligan’s is synonymous with lunch to anyone who is familiar with this Columbia, SC restaurant staple. If you aren’t familiar, seriously, do yourself a favor and go get some Hooligan’s! However, be warned, if you decide to visit this humble yet delicious establishment during the school year, you may get washed away in a sea [...]

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