St. Pat’s in Five Points

Saturday morning, Capital City Eatz joined the ranks of the thousands of people celebrating their questionably-Irish heritage on the streets of Five Points. The sun was out and the weather was cooperating. A perfect day to enjoy some people watching, drink over-priced Budweiser products, and find a generic food vendor with a short line (the line at 2 Fat 2 Fly was simply too long for our limited supply of patience). All of this was ours for a modest $15.


The Mobros

View from behind "The Mobros"

Food Booth

Mmm Funnel Cakes

Ordering a Gyro

Yur-O Time!

The Fountain

The Great Green Geyser

We enjoyed a few hours of the fun; taking in a couple tunes here and there, reveling in a few mid-day brews, and doing a LOT of walking and talking. The pot of gold goes to the gyro vendors for providing much needed sustenance during the roistering. Thank you to the lovely people of Columbia (and surrounding areas) that make this such a highly anticipated festival every year!

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