Request for Help- Peru Mission Trip

To our fellow foodies, bloggers, restaurant owners, friends, family and loyal readers,

We hope you do not mind this rare deviation from our usual restaurant- related posts to explain an initiative we are undertaking in addition to a request for your help.

In May of 2010, back before Capital City Eatz was even a twinkle in our eyes, we made the trip to San Jacinto, Peru for a two-week mission trip. We travelled with the nonprofit organization Homeworks of America, a nonprofit founded in 1996 with the goals of repairing homes of homeowners in need, assisting youth in their development, and empowering communities to meet the needs of their members. The trip was spiritually, mentally, and physically rewarding as we were able to directly impact the lives of ten Peruvian families by building them homes, not to mention the hundreds we touched with our willingness to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

2010 Peru Trip

Posing with some of the kids of the families we built homes for

On May 7, 2012, we will be departing the United States and traveling back to Peru. Six other missionaries will be traveling with us on our journey to help the residents of this town. The village is impoverished and in need of our help.

We are going to be providing the inhabitants with thousands of vitamins that we will be carrying with us. The vitamins will provide the necessary nutrients that the villagers lack in their daily diet.  In addition to bringing these vitamins, we will be constructing village homes for many of the families. In 2010, we were able to construct 8 homes during our time there.

As Mother Theresa once said, “Do small things with great love.”  Vitamins, food, and shelter are physical and temporary needs that come and go.  Our services are greatly needed in this area, and although they may be small efforts, they will bring the villagers hope.

Peruvian Home

1 of 8 of the homes we constructed during our 2010 trip

By supporting our trip, you too could help bring more than physical assistance to these people.  You can share the gift of hope.  Sending chewable vitamins would also be greatly appreciated.  We have created a donation button below (Paypal) in addition to one on our sidebar to assist us in collecting donations. We thank you in advance for any donations you wish to send and ask that you keep us and our group in your prayers as we embark on this journey.

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