Momo’s Bistro, Revisited

Although we have already visited Momo’s Bistro, a few changes to the culinary team and restaurant attracted us back to 2930 Devine Street for another taste. This revisit was sparked by a serendipitous meeting outside of the local health foods store, where Carlos Brown and Carlos Cuevas (Celebrity Chef and General Manager, respectively) were raving about the new changes that were happening to Momo’s. I lent them a half-interested ear until I heard the words “Kangaroo” and “Ostrich.” Ok. Thats something you don’t have a chance to dine on every day. So with curiosity piqued, Capital City Eatz decided to head back to Momo’s Bistro to see what the fuss was all about.

What an outrageously appetizing spread. No, this isn’t available on the menu. Just a sampling of each of the new dishes all arranged on one platter. My favorite part about this picture? The meat to vegetable ratio. (Upper left to upper right) Slices of tender pork topped with the sweetness of a sauteed apple and potato hash, “Chili Rosemary Kangaroo”, pan seared ostrich topped with buttered pecans, and venison topped with a mustard glaze.

The “Baja Fish Tacos” and “Seafood Cakes” topped with fried shrimp. Both were delicious, but the tacos are only available on the lunch menu, and the cakes…the dinner menu. Now to delve further into description….The “Baja Fish Tacos”: Ceviche marinated fish, scallop, with mango salsa, black beans, and wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla. The “Seafood Cakes” are a combination of lobster, crab, and shrimp, with Cajun Remoulade Sauce, and Manchego Smash.

Here we have the “Seafood Belmar.” The most expensive item on the menu, but stuffed with enough succulent seafood for two. Fight over the lobster tail, or go straight for the filet of choice fish. There are clams, scallops, shrimp, and mussels aplenty.

Get down to Momo’s Bistro to give a warm South Carolina welcome to a home-grown celebrity chef, a chef who has cooked for the likes of Arnold Palmer, Lil’ Wayne, Donald Trump, and Jim Carey. When you taste his food, you will understand why.

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