Jake’s Bar & Grill

Are you a maturing collegiate looking for like-minded fellows to share an enlightened conversation with? Maybe you enjoy the notion of a game of shuffleboard without the lingering fear of a freshman spilling a poorly managed night of indulgence on you? Perhaps you are a young professional looking for some casual networking opportunities over a refreshing pint?

If  you enjoy pairing your nights revelries with intoxicating conversation with other interesting contemporaries, you need to check this place out. Jakes Bar & Grill seems to cater to a crowd of twenty and thirty-something’s. Its the kind of bar that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable at the sight of obviously under-aged kids.

Now we enjoy a resfreshing pint or two (or three) as much as the next fellow, but we were really checking out Jake’s Bar & Grill for the food. Specifically, the pizza.

The Eggplant Diva. Fried eggplant and other complementary toppings. Time for your close-up, Eggplant Diva.

Mmmm, pizza close-up. Fried eggplant, caramelized onions, green peppers, and a light sprinkling of oregano to top it off.  Some highlights: nice cheese- to-sauce ratio and crispy-enough-crust make this a pleasing pie.

We also ordered some free-range, cruelty-free lemon-pepper wings, but their lack of photogenic-ness (or our lack of photography skills) lost them a spot in this post. They were quite good, but we’ll go for something saucier next time.

Food was satisfying, let’s look at some other perks of Jake’s Bar & Grill:

  • Live Music
  • Large outdoor deck area. Complete with fountain, bar, bathroom, and stage
  • Menu featuring local produce
  • Over 30 beers on tap
  • Shuffleboard, pool tables, arcade games
We HIGHLY recommend the food at Jake’s Bar & Grill. Order with your bartender and enjoy a cold one or a get generous with a round of shots for the table while you wait! Proper respect to Jake’s for including local produce and free-range chicken on their menu!



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