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Cock n’ Bull

If you understand the words “Barclays,” “Dempsey” and “Concacaf,” then Cock n’ Bull Pub & Grill is the place for you. With a new location and 21 deliciously refreshing domestic and imports on tap, this British-inspired pub is proven to be the best place to pull up a seat next to a stranger and enjoy [...]

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Chefs on the Shoe

The inaugural “Chefs on the Shoe” was held Monday night at the McCutchen House on the Horseshoe. The event was characterized by a food giving generosity that Capital City Eatz has never yet experienced at a festival. For 1 ticket (the equivalent of $1) you could sample all the food a particular chef or restaurant [...]

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Gift Card Giveaway | Congratulations to the Winners!

Congratulations to our Giftcard Giveaway Winners! *Winners chosen using an Excel spreadsheet and the Random Number Generator

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Giftcard Giveaway!

To show appreciation for all of our wonderful and loyal followers and celebrate this famously hot Columbia weather, we are doing a giftcard giveaway! There are 6 giftcards up for grabs. The first giftcard ($100) and our top prize is from Rosso Trattoria- you can read our post about this fine establishment here. The second [...]

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