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The Kingsman

Born and raised in Columbia, SC and never have I heard of the Kingsman Restaurant, but this Cayce staple has been building quite the reputation over the years. You can imagine our reaction when we pulled into a strip mall located on the Cayce side of the Gervais St. bridge and spotted our destination flanked [...]

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The Oyster Bar

Thank you Columbia Dealsaver! For $10, us here at Capital City Eatz got $20 to spend at a great new find for us, The Oyster Bar. Locally owned and operated by a former South Carolina business student, The Oyster Bar is a great place to unwind and shoot back a few shots of good-ol-fashion fun. We [...]

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Husk Restaurant

To those of you who received our unfinished post, we apologize. The mouse and “publish” button have a relationship that is sometimes out of our hands. There is so much I could say about Husk, and every statement would end with an exclamation point. Actually, that’s really the only way we can convey our excitement- [...]

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