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Immaculate Consumption

No doubt the inspiration for the name “Immaculate Consumption” came from a happening 9 months prior to Christmas (how appropriate), many thousand years ago, when the virgin Mary conceived a child. A time of much confusion for a certain soon-to-be-husband. Catchy name, but if any sandwich tries to immaculately consume itself down into my stomach [...]

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Holiday Cheer, Brought to You by Starbucks

Twenty posts and nary a word tossed in the direction of the creeping corporate kudzu. I know what you are thinking…”How dare those loonies at Capital City Eatz write a post on a corporate establishment! What’s next? An enlightening post comparing market prices of pork and the seemingly random comebacks of the McRib?” Rebrand yourself [...]

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Thirsty Fellow

Eight days till Thanksgiving and it is near impossible to distract thoughts from anything but turkey and the delicious trimmings that accompany the noble bird. Few things are more American than Thanksgiving, but deli sandwiches and nobody-would-eat-it-until-we-fried-it type appetizers are almost as patriotic as the Super Bowl (want to start with some fresh mushrooms? No? How [...]

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Yesterday’s Restaurant & Tavern

A trip to Yesterday’s inevitably sparks a debate on the significance of the cowboy in a bathtub. But rather than allow confusion to trump appetite, turn your thoughts toward the task of sifting through the extensive menu, made ever more difficult by the abundance of daily specials featuring southern favorites and local produce. This particular [...]

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