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SakiTumi Grill & Sushi Bar

Don’t have time to go out to sea, catch a tuna, and filet it? Don’t get your sushi mats in a knot! SakiTumi offers fresh sushi, hot and chilled sake, and a sleek wood-trimmed atmosphere right here in Columbia, SC. While SakiTumi is all about their sushi, there are a number of alternatives from the grill for those in your [...]

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By providing an ever-growing compilation of restaurant and bar reviews, Capital City Eatz is dedicated to sharing their dining out experiences with the food and drink enthusiasts of Columbia, SC. While doing our best to expose restaurants unworthy of your patronage, our mission is to give you an idea of what culinary treats await you in [...]

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The Mediterranean Tea Room

Inconspicuously located at the corner of King St. and Devine, the Mediterranean Tea Room specializes in Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine, with an emphasis on freshness. Pumping new life into Columbia’s struggling olive oil and chic pea industry, this healthy-minded eatery provides a wide variety of very fresh and flavorful dishes infused with the flavors of [...]

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