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The Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin needs no introduction. For fifteen years, this haven for Southern cuisine has been serving the patrons of Columbia, SC restaurantssome of the best Low Country dishes you can find. From New Orleans Seafood Gumbo to Shrimp and Grits (not to mention hand-cut steaks), the Blue Marin has a wide variety of savory [...]

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This place has a terrific atmosphere going for it. Described on their website as an “elegantly casual Italian trattoria,” Rosso Trattoria Italia was started in 2009 by one of the co-founders of Mr. Friendly’s. This is the same group that introduced the Columbia, SC restaurants Gervais & Vine and Solstice Kitchen. So, in our humble [...]

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The Whig

At the corner of Gervais and Main, The Whig is known to many as that unknown downstairs something. Only a few know what is really down there. Only a few have bravely walked down the stairs, through the mysterious brick corridor, and pushed open the heavy metal door into The Whig. Sunday night the curiosity [...]

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Cellar On Greene

Cellar on Greene has been a favorite spot for Monday or Thursday nights out ever since hearing about their fantastic $25 pizza and wine deal. Any Monday or Thursday, from 5-7 pm, choose two of their gourmet pizzas and a bottle of wine for $25.  Let me recommend the “two pig”. Andouille sausage, pepper bratwurst, [...]

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Initial impression of Za’s was pretty good. It has a solid street presence. But when we entered the restaurant, I was a little disappointed with where we were seated. I kept eyeing the cool back room area that features several large TVs,  a semi-circle bar, and the ambiance of a candle-lit italian dinner (you know what [...]

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